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Next, we need to understand roughly how much you weigh because we need to try to find a motorcycle that will have a proper engine size.  Engine sizes are measured in a unit of measurement referred to simply as the engine’s “cc.”  CC stands for cubic centimeter and is a general indicator of the engine’s power; the larger the cc the more powerful the engine and faster the motorcycle will be. Check out our article on how your body weight will guide you to choosing a beginner motorcycle that has enough power but not too much power. 

You see, there is a tendency for beginner motorcycle recommendations to recommend smaller than average engine sizes as that is often a safer way for a rider to learn.  But, this can be taken to an extreme that could lead you to choose a beginner motorcycle with too small and too underpowered of an engine that may put you in unsafe situations. 

For example, if the motorcycle engine is so overburdened by the weight of its rider, the motorcycle may struggle too much to get that rider up to posted speed limits which could result in angry drivers stuck behind that motorcycle going into road rage mode potentially leading to volatile situations.  So to avoid something like that, we want to put you on a beginner motorcycle that has an appropriate engine size. 

Having explained that, click on the response that best describes your body weight:


I am 150 lb (68 kg) or less in weight

I am greater than150 lb (68 kg) but less than 225 lb (102 kg) in weight

I am greater than 225 lb (120 kg) in weight