Based on your responses you are a beginner motorcycle rider with lower than average height and lower than average or average weight.  Based on that we have assembled some customized beginner motorcycle recommendations below.  And, so that you understand the logic for coming up with these beginner motorcycle recommendations, we’re providing you with the following explanations describing how those factors weigh in on the recommendations.


Riders with lower than average height need to make sure the motorcycle they are choosing for their beginner bike years is simply not too “tall” for that rider.  A key measurement you want to focus on will be to make sure the “seat height” (the distance from the road to the top of the motorcycle’s seat) is not too high.   If that seat height is too high based on your height (and leg length) it’s going to be a challenge for you to steady that motorcycle at times (e.g., stops, parking situations) and the bike is likely to have to lean too far to one side or the other which can create some significant problems. If you are not sure how an improper seat height can be a problem, read our extensive article on how to choose the best seat height for a beginner motorcycle rider.  

Lower or

Riders with lower to average weight, have some more options than a heavier beginner motorcycle rider will have.  For one, there are a lot of great beginner motorcycles out there that are in the under 200 cc range.  These motorcycles are great learning motorcycles as they offer the advantage of being powerful enough to get you around but on the lower end of the scale when it comes to motorcycle weight and engine acceleration power.  A light bike with a tame engine is a good and safer way to learn (vice a heavier or more powerful motorcycle).  Yet, these lighter motorcycles can be simply overwhelmed by the weight of heavier riders and may struggle to maintain proper speeds.  With your light to medium weight level, you on the other hand could go with one of these smaller cc motorcycles if you desire.    

Relevant Riding

Even if you had a lot of relevant riding experiences and/or can drive manual transmissions, with your height and weight characteristics, the safer bet is to recommend you stay with a beginner motorcycle on the smaller end of the spectrum as you’ll see in our recommendations below which provide you with a real “featherweight” option and then some more traditional lightweight/smaller engine beginner motorcycle options.

Our Recommended Beginner Motorcycles for YOU

2016 Honda Grom 

Honda Grom

For a very safe (in terms of low powered, low weight) the Honda Grom is a great choice based on your characteristics.  The Grom has a very small engine at only 125 cc but enough to get a light to medium weight rider like you around and up to about 65 mph while you learn to ride.  Also, a Honda Grom is only about 230 lb so it’s one of the lightest options out there and its 30″ seat height is on the lower side of the scale so that will help too.  Keep in mind if you are looking for a lower seat height, there are other bikes with lower seat heights (25-27 inches are about the lowest motorcycle seat heights you’ll find these days). Lastly, this motorcycle (new) is under about $3,500 so it’s a bargain for a beginner bike.  

2017 honda rebel 300 beginner bike

2017 Honda Rebel 300

Honda Rebel 300

Probably the most successfully marketed beginner motorcycle of all, the Honda Rebel, has for decades been a go-to bike for beginner riders.  Honda has not rested on its laurels but instead, update and upgraded its hit of a motorcycle over the years recently upgrading the engine size from 250 cc to its current 300 cc form.  And, they’ve worked hard to give the Rebel 300 an appealing look with its unique combination of the old school, new school, and minimalist school elements.  Lastly, at a 27″ seat height, it is even lower than its “little brother” Grom model, yet with a more than double the size motor which may appeal to you if you’re thinking that a Grom’s 125 cc is going to be too small for you.  

2021 yamaha mt-3 beginner bike

2021 Yamaha MT-3

Yamaha MT-3

Yamaha has worked hard to provide a beginner-oriented motorcycle in the “Naked” street bike genre.  After having tons of success in the higher cc range, they’ve finally put out a smaller 300 cc (technically, 321 cc) powered option and the results are impressive.  At 373 lb, it is the heaviest of our recommendations here but with a 30″ seat height, the bike should be a good fit for most beginner riders in the low to medium height and weight ranges.  The 2021 version of the MT-3 comes it at about $4,500 which makes a new motorcycle within the range of many beginner riders.  


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