Beginners Guide: Things to Look for in a Beginner Motorcycle for a Beginner Woman Rider


The Increasing Number of Female Motorcyclists in the US


There is a wide range of motorcycles on the market, which can make choosing one a daunting task for anyone, especially women who area smaller part of the motorcycle market and so the number of motorcycles that are aimed at them has taken less of a priority with manufacturers.

As a beginner woman motorcycle rider, you will find that there are a lot of things to consider, such as the bike’s weight, seat height, position of the handlebar, price, etc. … the various details can baffle you.

The height and weight of a beginner rider is a key factor when choosing a beginner motorcycle. And, since, the average height and weight of women on average is less than that of men, this means the advice to beginner female riders will be a little different than that of beginner male riders.

In the end, a woman wishing to learn to ride a motorcycle must choose a bike carefully while keeping these differences in mind. In order to make things easier for beginner women motorcycle riders, we have listed the main things that you should consider when buying your first motorcycle below.

Seat Height

You must ensure that both of your feet set flat on the ground when you sit upright on the motorcycle. Having a motorcycle that is too tall and preventing this will be a problem for both men and women, but particularly females who may be shorter.

When you stop at a traffic light or stop signs, you should be able to hold both yourself and your bike upright and doing this with only one foot (due to leaning the motorcycle to one side) or with your “tippy-toes” (due to the fact the motorcycle seat height is just too high to allow your feet to rest flat) will make this more difficult.

And, it’s not uncommon to come to a stop on a motorcycle, put your feet or a foot out and find out that there are small rocks/pebbles/sand causing your foot to loose traction … so, having both feet flat on the ground in this situation will reduce the chances of the bike falling over as you try to get control.

Again, a key will be for the beginning women rider to be able to rest both your feet on the ground comfortably without leaning the bike and or using your toes. New riders must keep this in mind since they would not want to drop their new bike. Moreover, some bikes come with the option of seat height adjustability. A lot of motorcycle firms sell special seat lowering kits, which help you lower the seat.


Female beginner motorcycle riders must also ensure that the bike is not too heavy. Unlike a car, riding a motorcycle entails the rider having to physically maneuver the motorcycle at times.

During situations like needing to back the motorcycle out of a parking spot or move the motorcycle around in your garage or parking space, and even in stop and go traffic where you’re going to have to keep the motorcycle upright; all of these require you physically pushing the motorcycle while seated on it and keeping it balanced.

The heavier the motorcycle is the more likely it could get away from you as you are doing all these types of things. And there is no magical formula we can give that would take as inputs the weight of the motorcycle, your height, your weight, etc, etc, as there are other factors that really aren’t quantifiable such as the center of gravity on the motorcycle, how much of the weight of the motorcycle is above the center of gravity, how strong your legs are, how coordinated you are, how quicky you can sense and react to the motorcycle becoming out of balance, etc, etc.

Just understand that you will definitely want to test this by sitting on a candidate motorcycle, leaning it a little left and a little right, trying to back it up a bit … if you feel like it’s going to be a challenge, go down in weight (and height too) until you find something you think you can manage.

Also consider, oddly, the weight of a motorcycle does not matter much while riding since that involves physics and momentum and so really that isn’t going to be the challenge … the weight factor is however a big deal when it comes to slow speed or stop and maneuver the bike situations!

Lastly, if you plan on traveling much in your beginner years and plan on using luggage for your belongings, this could significantly add to the weight factor because most luggage options are pretty high on the bike thereby above the center of gravity. Thus, you must check the weight of the bike with its fuel tank full, along with any baggage that you will put on so you can get the best bike for yourself.

Easy to Reach Various Control

Beginning female riders must also check if you can easily access the handlebars, the clutch levers, and brakes on your bike to make sure can/will be able to easily operate them while riding and not have to dramatically shift your positioning on the bike. And, if they are not in comfortable positions, this will not get any better with time; in fact, it will get worse.

Long rides on your motorcycle will inevitably result in aching wrists and backside. Thus, you would not want to increase this strain with an uncomfortable bike, while will make your ride unpleasant.


You must have a budget when you go out to purchase a motorcycle and you must stick to it. Plus, your budget should include additional expenses, such as bike gear, insurance, etc.

Keeping your budget in mind, you can look for a bike that you prefer. And, motorcycle manufacturers publish studies that show that nearly all beginner riders end up wanting to upgrade to a larger/different motorcycle after they’ve gotten comfortable riding. So, don’t choose something that you’re going to sell shortly after you learn to ride that will cause you to lose money such as buying a brand-new motorcycle.

And women have to pay particular attention to this because it is likely you will have probably purchased a smaller than average new motorcycle and now when you go to sell it, a smaller percentage of the motorcycle riders out there looking for a used motorcycle will consider it because many will see it as being too small.

And in general, brand new motorcycles inevitably lose a lot of value in the first few years (just like other big ticket items – cars, TVs, computers, etc.) after they are purchased and you don’t want to have to take the financial hit when you go to sell it.

These important pointers will help you decide if the motorcycle fits you as a women who wants to learn to ride motorcycles. You must buy a bike as per your requirements and preferences and not on the basis of what others you see riding or what you think “looks cool.”

Your first bike will help you learn how to ride and if you choose the right size, weight, and within the right budget, you’ll learn in an environment that will minimize safety and financial risks.