Best Cruiser Motorcycles for Beginner Riders


Best Cruiser Motorcycles for Beginners


So, you have ultimately chosen to buy your first motorcycle and the style of motorcycle you have chosen is a cruiser. Excellent choice for a beginner motorcycle rider! Now would be the time to familiarize yourself with all the specifics before taking your first move. On one side, many of these motorcycles are on the hefty side. So, this article is designed to point you to the best cruiser motorcycles for beginners! 

Cruiser-style motorcycles, with their low riding posture and modest acceleration, make life simpler for beginner motorcycle riders! The style and mystique of cruiser motorcycles is that of relaxed motorcycle riding and so the temptations or peer pressure for you to race against other motorcycles or even cars, is going to be pretty non-existent. 

This is obviously a great situation for new riders in particular who just learning how to ride and the last thing a beginner needs is high speeds or adrenaline fog in the brain to make the challenge of riding even more difficult and unsafe.  

Any motorcycle is a fine motorcycle; however, cruiser bikes are especially popular as beginner motorcycles. Cruiser motorcycles are among the greatest bikes for giving you independence and satisfying your desire to ride because they are made to support a style of riding where you take your time, oftentimes for rides where you are out to avoid traffic and take in some scenery … less traffic to contend with and slow cruising speeds are a great environment for beginners to place themselves in.

Simply put, even among experienced riders, cruisers are popular for recreational riding and long-distance drives where you can get a lot of motorcycle skills learning in a single trip. The cruiser bike scene has shifted dramatically in recent years, yet the cruiser motorcycle industry remains massive.

Various evaluations of all bike kinds demonstrate that the cruiser motorcycle industry is the only one that remains strong year after year across the globe.  In the USA, Harley-Davidson (a stalwart of cruiser motorcycle production) still dominates sales among all manufacturers (even though its “user base” continues to get older and more ‘grey’ which presents the company with long term viability threats that it is trying to overcome by developing bikes that appeal to younger generations of riders).   

But if you are a new motorcycle rider and are willing to take the plunge and put down your hard-earned cash (or a loan) on a new or used motorcycle, you need to look for some specific cruiser motorcycles that are particularly appropriate for new riders.   

While there are numerous excellent cruiser motorcycles available, we have selected the greatest cruiser motorcycles in 2021 for your consideration (BTW, if you are looking exclusively for a used motorcycle, check out our article on – how to find a great used motorcycle for beginner riders).  

These best 2022 cruiser motorcycles for beginners were picked based on five criteria: intended usage, styling, engine and power, size, and company. Are you ready to hit the road? Let us get started. 

What is a Cruiser Bike? 

A cruiser bike is a style of motorcycle best designed for comfort. The best cruiser bikes for beginners are available in a multitude of types and built with a relaxed riding posture in mind. Modern cruiser bikes are inspired by American motorcycles, such as Harley-Davidson and Indian, with a V-Twin engine and an edgy, bulky appearance.  

In general, cruiser bikes feature a low ride height and excellent seat cushions. Motorists riding cruiser motorcycles are often seated with their feet in front and their hands in a moderate or high posture. Cruiser bikes feature high and broad handles that give a distinct riding position that distinguishes them from other bikes and gives you great control of the motorcycle from a relaxed position.  

Also, the posture that most cruiser motorcycle puts the rider in provides a greater view of the roadway and other traffic.   

Cruiser bikes have an appealing form, an uncomplicated design, and have been essentially the style and configuration of motorcycles that has stood the test of time and lasted the longest. 


Things to Keep in Mind before Purchasing a Cruiser Bike 

A cruiser motorcycle is not intended for a fast city ride, a high-speed race, or any form of off-road adventure. However, these bikes come in endless colors and styles from older looking cruisers with a lot of chrome, shiny paint jobs, and raked back front ends to more modern cruisers that are low on the chrome, high on blacked-out components, and even come in trend flat/matte paint jobs. 

In either case, cruiser-style motorcycles remain a beacon of freedom and the motorcycle lifestyle.  

A cruiser instills confidence in you by conquering all of the hurdles that you may experience as a novice, while also giving optimal riding pleasure. In comparison to its aggressive sport-bike competitors, this sort of bike blends a powerful look with a calm ride. 


What should your first motorcycle be like? 

Your first bike should:  

  • Be Forgiving: Search for a motorcycle that will overlook your trivial new motorcycle rider blunders, such as a sudden acceleration or inappropriate clutch or brake management. 
  • Inexpensive to Maintain: When purchasing a motorcycle, many people focus on the looks, but they also consider the expense of keeping the bike maintained with oil changes and other preventative maintenance.  Cruisers can have a bit of an advantage over bikes with a lot of fairings and plastic coverings as the mechanic can get to the part of the bike in less time as they won’t need to take time removing such obstacles to getting at the engine and/or other components.
  • Be Mechanically Reliable: Ensure that you have completely checked the engine by inspecting essential engine components. If you are looking for a used beginner motorcycle, there must be no signs of oil/fluid leakage or smoke exiting the exhaust. Take a seasoned motorcyclist with you, if feasible, to put the bike through its paces and make sure the engine sounds smooth and the ride feels composed. 

Our Top Picks 

Some of the best cruiser motorcycles for beginners are as follows: 

  1. Honda Rebel 500


2022 Honda Rebel 500

The Honda Rebel 500 is a fantastic choice for beginners and simple to personalize if you intend to retain it past the “beginning” stage.  

It is a budget-friendly, accessible, and flexible motorcycle. When it comes to an excellent cruiser motorcycle for novices, there is hardly a better new bike than the Honda Rebel.  

Honda intended to attract more motorcyclists to the cruiser side of things, so they used the same strategy that had resulted in so many of their motorcycles becoming top choices, simplicity.  

The Rebel 500 is precisely that – simple. It is neither a huge, terrifying, roaring 1,800 V-Twin nor is it a pitiful, buzzing small scooter. It boasts a smooth throttle, superb brakes, an assist-and-slipper clutch, terrific gears, and a comfortable seat and riding posture.  

The two-cylinder engine produces plenty of power but is not overpowering, letting inexperienced bikers ease into it and ride harder as their abilities improve. The low seat height of the bike helps smaller riders to comfortably touch the ground as well.   


  1. Kawasaki Vulcan S


Kawasaki Vulcan S 2022

The Kawasaki Vulcan S is a midsize cruiser bike based on the Ninja 650 series. The Kawasaki Vulcan S will appeal to those searching for a more futuristic-looking cruiser. It combines the size of a cruising bike and the shape of a sports bike, so it is no surprise that it is dubbed a “sports cruiser.” It is inexpensive, with a starting price of $7,099, but it packs a punch thanks to its 650cc twin engine.  

What we love most about it is its Ergo-Accommodate sizing system, which enables ergonomic alterations to fit almost any rider. The Kawasaki Vulcan S is one of our best cruiser bikes for 2021 since it provides so much for motorcycle cruisers who desire the sensation of a sports bike. 

Its slightly higher posture provides superb handling and teaches beginners how to lean with or against the motorcycle in corners to maintain stability without threatening to throw them off.   

The Kawasaki Vulcan S is intended to provide the market with a bike featuring a rugged look, similar to the design of power cruisers, but in terms of equipment and character, equivalent to standard contemporary road motorcycles (ease of handling, an ergonomic fit, a medium-volume engine with strong dynamic features, and a reasonable price).  


  1. Suzuki Boulevard S40


Suzuki Boulevard S40 2022

The cruiser motorcycle market has something for everyone, and Suzuki’s Boulevard S40 is the classic counterpart to the modern-looking Rebel 500. Suzuki uses a tried-and-true method to introduce an entry-level cruiser powered by a modest but powerful 652cc four-stroke engine with a Mikuni carburetor. The bike’s simplistic design also provides purchasers with a clean slate on which to modify the S40 to their preference.  

With a weight of only 381 pounds, the Suzuki Boulevard S40 offers riders great agility as well as a comfortable seating posture. What is more, the Boulevard S40 is reasonably priced at $5,799, making it ideal for anybody wishing to get their feet wet in the cruiser scene.  

Used components are plentiful, and once you have had your fill of the Savage/Boulevard as a cruiser, there are several ways to use the platform to construct a fully customized machine. Ryca Motors, for example, sells a kit that converts the Suzuki into a café racer. Yes, some assembly is necessary, but the possibilities for profound customization are nearly limitless. 


  1. Royal Enfield INT650


2022 royal enfield continental 650

More roadster than a cruiser, Royal Enfield’s INT650 is an accessible, elegant, and easy-to-ride (and purchase) lightweight bike. You will be shocked at how much power the new 650 parallel-twin engine can produce, as well as how user-friendly the entire motorcycle is. Your purse will not be displeased either.  

The Royal Enfield INT650 might be great for you if you want a larger motorcycle with a classic appearance that seems like a throwback to previous British roadsters. The teardrop-style gas tank, extended bench seat, and upswept exhausts on the INT650 round out the throwback aesthetic elements giving it that joyful, do-it-all attitude with a focus on practicality over technology and sheer horsepower.   

This bike is powered by a 648cc air-and-oil-cooled parallel-twin engine with 47 horsepower and a six-speed transmission. This INT650 was chosen as Cruiser’s “Bike of the Year” for 2019 since it is simple to handle and own, making it appealing to riders of all ability levels. 


  1. Indian Scout Sixty


2022 indian scout beginner motorcycle

The Scout Sixty from Indian Motorcycles is one of the greatest new cruiser models to hit the market in recent years. It features a low seat height, lots of power, and looks fantastic out of the box while being reasonably easy to personalize.  

Indian states the liquid-cooled 1,138cc V-twin engine produces more than 100 horsepower and is favored among both hooligan racers and cruisers.  This is not a low powered cruiser and with that, if you can handle 1,138ccs, you’ll be happy with your motorcycle for a long time and not be wanting to sell it off to get something larger (a common experience for new motorcycle riders who go with a cruiser on the small end of the spectrum for their first bike).   

Along with its low seat height of 25 inches, the Scout Sixty also has a low center of gravity, which allows rookie riders to operate the 560-pound bike as if it were just 200 pounds. The Scout Sixty’s larger engine and 78 horsepower make it the ideal highway cruiser bike.  


Final Thoughts 

Style dominates the world, therefore think about what kind of cruiser bike style you desire. Cruiser bikes have the widest range of engine sizes on the market from featherweight 250cc bikes to 1.8L heavyweights; therefore, you should consider the size of your preferred cruiser before starting to shop around.

Finally, purchasing a cruiser motorcycle entails more than simply purchasing a motorcycle—you need to get a cruiser with the right size, right power, and right feel to make sure your beginner riding phase is going to be a successful one.  

Plan properly for these three things, and you’ll end up loving your beginner rider experience on a cruiser-style motorcycle!!!