The Increasing Number of Female Motorcyclists in the US


Increasing Number of Female Motorcyclists in the US

The number of female motorcycle riders is increasing rapidly, mainly owing to Millennials. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council’s (MIC) most recent nationwide poll. Women account for 19% of motorcycle owners across all age categories, up from fewer than 10% a decade earlier.

The study suggests, female riders are making up a larger percentage of riders when we look at the demographics of the younger generations of motorcycle riders. For example, when we focus on the Gen X riders, that 19% statistic pointed out in the paragraph above goes up to 22% with the Gen X demographic, and when we focus only on millennials, the proportion of women riders goes up even more to 26%!

“As the number of Boomers and older motorcyclists declines and is replaced by younger riders, we may soon see a solid 25% of motorcycle owners being female,” said Andria Yu, MIC director of communications; “We saw it with our own eyes.”

For the study, the MIC questioned over 2,400 people throughout the country.


How many female bikers are there?

In 2003, women made up 9.6 percent of all motorcyclists in the United States. 

  • By 2015, that figure had risen to 14%. 
  • By 2018, that figure had risen to 19%. 
  • Among Gen X, women account for 22% of Gen X motorcyclists. 
  • Among Millennials, women account for 26% of riders. 


Increasing Number of Female Motorcyclists in the US
The Women’s Royal Air Force during the First World War


Women Riders: How Safe Are They?

In 2017, 446 women were killed while riding a motorcycle263 of them were passengers, accounting for 59% of the total. That leaves just 183 fatalities among female drivers compared to a total of 4,724 fatalities among male drivers. 33% of women ride scooters (with a capacity of less than 250cc), which reduces the danger element.


What Makes Female Riders Have Less Fatal Motorcycle Accidents? 

As of 2013, 60% of women took rider safety training regularly (compared to just 42% of men). While the actual effectiveness of safety training has yet to be established, this statistic indicates that women are at least actively attempting to be as safe as possible. 


Increasing Number of Female Motorcyclists US


What Do Women Motorcyclists Ride? 

Here’s how the female two-wheel society is divided: 

  • 34% of the women motorcyclists in the US ride cruisers. 
  • 33% of the women motorcyclists in the US ride scooters. 
  • 10% of the women motorcyclists in the US ride sports bikes. 
  • The rest of the population (23%) use other types of motorcycles.