What are the Most Reliable Beginner Motorcycles and the Most Reliable Motorcycle Brand?


Most Reliable Beginner Motorcycles and Most Reliable Motorcycle Brand


You are just out of your motorcycle training school and you can’t wait to start riding. You have even bought your motorcycle gear, a helmet, a pair of gloves, and a bunch of other things. However, you just can’t seem to decide which motorcycle you want to be your first … your “starter motorcycle.” 

We don’t blame you. With so many options, brands, and designs to choose from, deciding on which beginner motorcycle can be the best for you can be a headache. But, don’t worry- we are here to help you out. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the top five reliable motorcycle brands and the best beginner motorcycles among those brands. Keep on reading to find the beginner motorcycle of your dreams! 


Most Reliable and Best Beginner Motorcycle Brands 

 When looking for a beginner motorcycle, you need to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, the motorcycles listed in our guide are judged on their reliability, meaning how well they are built, how long they last between maintenance events, and how ideal they are for beginner motorcycle riders. Once you become a seasoned rider, your choice of motorcycles certainly expands as you have gained enough knowledge to move to different models and brands. 

Secondly, just because a brand has a good reputation, it doesn’t mean that each and every model that it comes out with is top-notch. The reliability of particular models can be impacted by a lot of things including the year it was made, whether you are buying it new or second-hand, and other such factors. 

Hence, to narrow down your search, we will be listing the best motorcycle brands and their models as well.  


1. Yamaha 

Yamaha Logo

The original Yamaha bike, one of Japan’s earliest established motorcycle manufacturers, was first introduced in 1954. Genichi Kawakami, the founder, soon met his own promise, namely to create bikes that are among the greatest in the world. Yamaha’s renowned reliability can be attributed to several basic elements. To begin with, Yamaha does not just make bikes; they also make engines for almost any automobile you can imagine. 

Their production skills and experience, and also their extensive engineering expertise, ensure that their motors are always of the highest quality. The brand’s motorcycles have the lowest percentage likelihood of failing on their owners, including any type of engine or technical malfunction.  Consumer Reports (CR) has recently begun tracking motorcycle reliability and Yamaha ended up as the most reliable brand in CR’s extensive surveys. 

Their Best Beginner Bike: 

The Yamaha YZF-R3 is an excellent entry-level motorcycle. The YZF-R3 weighs under 375 pounds and is powered by a two-cylinder, 321cc engine, which renders it simple to handle. The YZF-R3 also has a pleasant riding posture, a flat saddle that allows riders to place their feet level on the ground while stopping, and also an economical price tag. 


2. Honda 

Honda Logo

When it comes to reliability, Honda is unmistakable. The brand has been producing bikes since 1955 and understands how to make a motorcycle. Granted, the company can produce expensive motorcycles, such as the $24,000 Honda Goldwing. Still, it continues to produce basic, robust motorcycles. Honda motorcycles are not only trustworthy but also long-lasting. Their old models are still seen today. 

Honda’s success can be attributed to the same wide engineering knowledge that propelled Yamaha to the number one spot. They possess a wide range of knowledge and production capabilities from building maritime as well as other engines, ensuring top-notch fit and finish and reliability. 

Their Best Beginner Bike: 

The Honda Rebel 300 is a great beginner cruiser style motorcycle from a manufacturer that understands how to build high-quality motorcycles at great prices. The Rebel 300 is not only visually appealing, but it also boasts characteristics that render it pleasant and simple to ride. The cruiser features a low ride height, which allows shorter motorcyclists to place their legs down when necessary. Although it is a cruiser bike, which is typically huge, the Rebel 300 happens to be among the lightest cruisers, weighing around 360 pounds. 


3. Kawasaki 

Kawasaki Logo

An aircraft’s construction quality is critical since faulty planes may be disastrous. Fortunately, Kawasaki began as an aviation company before moving on to bikes. As a result, the motorcycles are made in almost the same manner. However, Kawasaki is slightly less reliable than its other Japanese competitors. Nevertheless, it is still leaps and bounds ahead of many of its overall motorcycle brand competitors. Any Kawasaki bike is certain to be trustworthy, but there are a few notable standouts, such as the incredibly popular and reputable Ninja as well as KLR types. 

Their Best Beginner Bike: 

The Kawasaki Z400 is among the best entry-level bikes available. The motorcycle has received the “New Motorcyclist Friendly” stamp of approval. It also offers balance, convenience, and sturdiness. 

The motorcycle has strong streetfighter flair as well as an elevated riding posture. It features a low ride height as well as a lightweight frame. The machine delivers famous sports performance, providing novice riders with a smooth reaction, thrilling power, and plenty of low-end torque. It is powered by a 399cc, 2-cylinder, DOHC, and 4-stroke engine. 


4. Suzuki 


While very efficient, certain Suzuki riders have reported more frequent electrical faults with their bikes. However, this may vary depending on the particular model. Despite these notable issues, overall Suzuki quality is admirable so if you want a reliable bike, a Suzuki is a way to go. 

Suzuki’s excellent grades are made even more astonishing by the fact that they favour high-performance motorcycles. Over the course of a half-century, its huge technical expertise has grown the company. As a result, it is not unexpected that several Suzuki motorcycles are now among the quickest on the marketplace. Many motorcycle aficionados characterize the aesthetic of Suzuki bikes as being both elegant and forceful. 

Their Best Beginner Bike: 

The Suzuki GW250 is a naked conventional bike that can handle all a rookie rider needs. The GW250 has adequate power to travel at motorway speeds or comfortably negotiate the suburban wilderness. A thin windshield will funnel the airflow around you, keeping you invigorated throughout the trip. 

The GW250 has a low seat height, which most riders would like. The GE250 has sufficient power and reduced weight making it a perfect first bike for a beginner rider, thanks to the extra flexible suspension and adjustable options for every rider. 


5. Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Logo

While Harleys lag well below Japanese motorcycles with regards to endurance/reliability, they nonetheless perform admirably. In fact, interestingly, even though recent Consumer Reports motorcycle reliability surveys indicate Harley Davidson motorcycles as having more issues than average, despite this, Harley is regularly the number one or two ranked bike in terms of customer satisfaction. 

The reason is, that the level of quality and ride experience optimization in an H-D overcomes some occasional maintenance issues a rider may have to contend with. It is no coincidence that there are so many of these out there.  Many enthusiasts keep riding versions that are generations old, which would be difficult to notice if the brand was not at all trustworthy.

In most circumstances, if you ask someone if they know about motorcycles, they will recognize the Harley Davidson brand. Founded in 1903, the firm now provides a wide range of bikes, ensuring that there is something suitable for everybody. 

Their Best Beginner Bike: 

The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is the tiniest and least expensive bike in the range of a typical beginner rider, yet it still has a classic design and a definite vibe you won’t find in a Japanese model. The bike has a cubic capacity of 883 and while that seems like a large engine size yet the motorcycle only weighs only 540 pounds.

As a result, it is a moderate number that will attract both novice and expert riders. If you are looking for a beginner model that is easy to manoeuvre and will satisfy your power and looks desires as a more experienced rider as the months/years roll by, the Iron 883 is a good bet! 


Final Thoughts 

If you value beginner motorcycle reliability, then our guide is a smart starting point. However, this should just be the start. Make sure to do your homework on the brands you are considering. Even brands that are recognized for their durability, always seem to have a model that doesn’t meet their normal level of quality and may have more issues than you care to deal with. 

So avoid those “lemon models” and once you’ve completed your research, make out a “short-list” of the top models you want to search for and go shopping with that well-informed plan in hand!