Best Sport Bike Motorcycles For Beginner Riders In 2022


Best Sport Bike Motorcycles For Beginner Riders 2022


Riding a bike, as opposed to driving an automobile, requires a little more guts. It can be a bit intimidating when you realize if you are to get into an accident, you really have nothing but your riding gear to protect you. But there is really a big difference between riding a motorcycle and simply driving a car: on a motorcycle, you get to feel the wind, and you really become one with the bike as you lean into the curves, crest hills, and accelerate as you exit your turns. 

Your first sports bike is critical to ensure that your riding adventure gets off to a great start. You must pick a sport bike that is the right one for you as a beginner rider. It is crucial to select a sport bike that you can handle and that will allow you to enjoy that bike for years to come as you pass through the beginning phase of your motorcycle riding experience. 

There are numerous sports bikes on the market, but none are really going to be labeled “beginner-friendly,” making it difficult to choose the correct motorcycle. However, as a novice, considering your objectives and desires should assist you in selecting the best sports bike. This article will feature our top 6 picks for the best entry-level sports bikes. 


What Are Sport Bikes? 

Sport bikes are the category of motorcycles built with the highest priority on performance as opposed to touring bikes made to tour, adventure touring motorcycles made to offer opportunities for both on and off-road riding, and then the tried and true cruiser motorcycles which are made for … uh … cruising! 

Sport bikes however typically have a lighter frame and overall weight, a strong engine that is tuned for performance, sitting and handlebar placements that promote an intense forward-leaning riding stance, and typically the most (except for perhaps touring motorcycles) the most plastic fairing components to increase the aerodynamics of the motorcycle.  

This kind of bike is made to appear like a racing bike, therefore it includes edgy styling such as a lot of flashy colors and aggressive style decals, engines that prioritize speed and power, high-performance brakes, and a leaned forward rider sitting posture that is perfect for racing because of its reduced wind resistance.  

Although sport motorcycles are produced in low-power versions that make them suitable for novices, most companies promote the quick acceleration and excessive speed that these motorcycles can accomplish so don’t be surprised if the brochures and the sales team try to pull you away into the more radical sport bikes.

The agile handling and rapid braking of sport motorcycles can make the proper model a suitable first bike for learning, but it is critical that the driver understands his or her limits and does not succumb to the machine’s excessive speed potential. There are several benefits of this type of bike for beginner riders such as lower weight and a low seating position that are generally considered some of the most important beginner motorcycle characteristics that beginner riders should target. 

However, again, because of their low weight and their high-performance engines, sport bikes are the quickest and most agile on the market.  And, sport bikes come with a style and aura that almost screams – “I’m a rocket on two wheels and can put on a show.” For that reason, when you put an immature/risky operator on top of such an enormously powerful machine, the benefits of this style of the motorcycle along with the characteristics of this kind of rider can very literally be a deadly mix. 


Why You Should or Should Not Go For a Sport Bike?

A sport motorcycle, like any other form of the bike, has advantages and disadvantages. The downsides, or cons, do not necessarily imply issues with the type or with any specific company or model of bike in the sector; instead, they are aspects that suggest that not every motorcycle or kind of bike is a suitable match for every operator. That is why there are so many multiple kinds of bikes available. 

Let us start with the advantages, or considerations in favor of purchasing a sport bike for a beginner rider. Speed, power, maneuverability and handling, overall efficiency, and edgy style are all advantages. A sport bike is one of the better options if you want a quick, agile motorcycle.

These bikes are designed to be aerodynamic, with a sitting position that forces riders into the position that minimizes wind resistance. Sport bikes feature an eye-catching style that makes them stand out from the pack, which may be viewed as both a benefit and a disadvantage depending on what you want from your bike. 

Next, consider the disadvantages or shortcomings that are widespread in the sport bike market. They are the inverse of the positives noted above, in that sport bikes typically do not offer much convenience or safety for the operator, demand an uncompromising seating position that may become unpleasant when not riding in ideal circumstances or speed, and are not very well suited for traveling.

Moreover, the athletic design might be divisive. As previously said, not everyone desires a bike that attracts a huge amount of attention and has a stigma of being liked by fast, aggressive riders, as this frequently carries a sense of recklessness, similar to driving a sports vehicle. 

If after reading the above advice, you do decide that a sport bike is the type of motorcycle you’re going to choose as your beginner motorcycle style, let’s dive into the best sports motorcycles for beginners.


1. Yamaha YZF-R3

Yamaha YZF-R3 2022

Yamaha is a well-known motorcycle manufacturer that produces some of the best motorcycles with some of the highest reliability of all motorcycles on the planet. The Yamaha YZF-R3 is a compact motorcycle that is simple to operate and upkeep. However, do not be fooled by this bike’s novice classification.

The YZF-R3 is well-known for its power. This sports bike includes sophisticated forged piston technology that improves the bike’s performance significantly. As a novice, you want a comfy seat that allows you to manage the motorcycle. The Yamaha YZF-R3 boasts a flat seat that spreads your weight evenly and helps you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground during stops.

This bike combines the best of both worlds: it is both athletic and affordable. 


2. Kawasaki Ninja 300

Kawasaki Ninja 300 2022

The Kawasaki Ninja range has been a cornerstone in the sports-bike industry for quite some time. And, even after a decade or two, this lineup is still as current as it ever was. Among the various Ninja models available from Kawasaki, the 300 cc variation is the one we will be discussing today because of its lightweight and its moderately powered engine.  

To begin with, the Ninja 300 is driven by a 296 cc engine that produces 38.5 horsepower and 27 nm of torque. Despite being a sub-300 cc vehicle, the Ninja 300 has a peak speed of 113 mph. When it comes to pricing, the Ninja 300 is made to be way more affordable than middle-weight sport bikes like those in the 500-600 cc range.  So, this may be not only a great choice as you beginner motorcycle but might be a great choice for your budget too.   


3. KTM RC 390

Until the debut of the KTM RC 390, the world had never seen such raw speed and power on a sub-500cc vehicle. This motorcycle is driven by a 373.2 cc 4-stroke engine that produces a surprising amount of power (43 hp) and torque (39 nm). That is not even its finest feature; the 6-speed bike can reach a top speed of 111 mph, which is one of the fastest among its rivals.

Short riders will like the 390’s low seat height and upright seating posture, while tall riders may need to make a few tweaks to the bike’s aesthetics before getting in the seat. The 2016 KTM RC 390 is a good and satisfying street ride for riders of all levels, occupying a nice medium between naked and sport bike.

And, if you want to stand out a bit from the hordes of sport bike riders on their Hondas, Kawasakis, Yamahas, and Suzukis, do yourself a favor and consider purchasing a KTM 390. The RC 390 costs a reasonable $5,799, making it a bike that may be within your budget reach.


4. Honda CBR 250R

Honda CBR 250R 2022

Honda, a Japanese bike company, has long been renowned as a trustworthy two-wheeler manufacturer.  With the debut of the Honda CBR 250R, they are aiming to attract beginner motorcycle riders looking for a sport bike. To start with, the CBR 250R is not the fastest in this segment but you can’t go wrong with a Honda for resale so if you think you may want to move on from your beginner sport bike motorcycle to a larger one, go with a Honda is a smart move. 

It is driven by a 249.6 cc engine that produces 26.15 horsepower and 22.9 nm of torque. In addition, with dual-channel ABS as an option, having this added safety feature may really pay off for beginner sport bike motorcycle riders. The CBR 250R is priced at $4499, which is very competitive among the rivals. 


5. Suzuki SV650

Suzuki SV650 2022

Suzuki surpassed themselves with this more sporty version of their legendary bike. The Suzuki SV650 is the correct motorcycle for you if you want a sports bike that is a great blend of old and contemporary style and with a more minimalist look resembling a “naked.”  It has a 645cc V-twin engine which provides constant power throughout your journeys and will be enough power for your post beginner bike riding years. 

The performance is improved, and it accommodates taller riders. Its compact chassis, combined with a high-strength steel frame, keeps you in control and secure. The Low RPM Assist mode is groundbreaking. It modifies the engine’s takeoff and low-speed running, resulting in minimal stalling so that may be a particularly appreciated feature among beginner motorcycle riders. 

This fast bike is simple to ride and ideal for novices seeking to go out into the open road.  However, with its larger engine, it’s going to cost you more than the others in our listing at about $7,500. 


6. Kawasaki Ninja 400

Kawasaki Ninja 400

If you are searching for an excellent first sport bike or very first beginner motorcycle, the Kawasaki Ninja 400 is hard to beat. Its 399cc two-cylinder engine produces 43 horsepower and lots of torque across the rpm band. It is extremely light, weighing in just 371-lb dry, and has good, responsive handling. Furthermore, it includes a slipper clutch as standard, something few of its similarly priced competitors do. 

A slipper clutch requires less force for the rider to operate and therefore going to ease the challenge of the beginner motorcycle rider a bit, particularly if that rider is also learning to operate a manual transmission as well as learning to ride motorcycles. 

It is forthright, engaging, brisk, and engaging, yet it is also practical and simple. The bike is strewn with high-quality details and even with ABS, the Kawasaki Ninja 400 will set you back just over $5,000 (about $5,299) so if that’s in your price range, you want the ABS and slipper clutch, the Ninja 400 is your beginner sport bike!!


Final Thoughts 

A sport bike can be a good beginner motorcycle-style if the bike is not too powerful and you are the kind of rider who can not be lured to reckless driving by the bike’s aggressive looks and tempting sounds.  They are generally light and low to the ground with are great beginner motorcycle characteristics.

These motorcycles are a lot of fun to ride on winding roads/bends because of their strong cornering abilities for when you get used to the basics of motorcycle riding and are ready for some more advanced riders. There are several kinds and models to pick from, whether you want the most recent motorcycles or their older equivalents as there are plenty of great used sport bikes on the market that you’ll be able to choose from. 

In the end, you need to find one that is right for you now as a beginner based on your size, weight, and just as important, your level of discipline and maturity!